It has come ‘round to that rainy, windy, snowless but still pretty cold time of year but that didn’t stop more than 400 cyclists from around Scotland showing up for the NiteRider Relentless 24 Cycling Marathon organised by No Fuss Events.

The event started at Nevis Range near Fort William and the track ran through the Witch’s Trails and part of the World Championship course. Some of the riders were solo and some of them in teams of two, three, or four.

The main aim of No Fuss Events is to focus on the fun of participation rather than on competition. This participation includes the long hours endured by the marshals who worked for the entire 24 hours with minimal hours of sleep. The photos I’ve got here have some long exposures taken of the cyclists flying by one of the marshal stations in the late hours of the night. The cyclists had nothing but their head torches to light their way and the glint of the marshal station fire to guide their progress…. and also the oddly high levels of enthusiasm from the marshals at 2am to motivate their energy.

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