In celebration of the last days of summer (i.e. the near arrival of snow) a few of us kids went up to Heather Hat in Glen Nevis and did some bouldering while BBQ-ing up some burgers, reggae reggae style of course.

For those of you who don’t climb or boulder Heather Hat is giant boulder that has a covering of heather. It juts out at a rough 30 degree angle making it the perfect place for a BBQ, be it rain or shine. It also makes it the perfect place for a boulder. But beware, bring a bouldering mat if you do plan to give it a go as a fall onto the sharps rocks below could result in a very sore lower back… I speak from experience!

Heather Hat is about 20 minutes drive outside of Fort William and a few minutes walk up from the car. It’s a bit of a marshy area so wear some good shoes and look out for those friendly frogs!

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