[PHOTOS] June! (around Morar, Mallaig and Fort William)

June (101) copy

June. I think it’s my favourite month. It’s the month of the summer solstice so it stays light all hours of the night. The heather blooms across the hills in Lochaber, turning them a lovely purple. The sun shines and creates a near Mediterranean heat (without wind chill) flocking people to places like the Silver Sands of Morar, near Arisaig. It’s also the month I passed my driving test (20th of June to be very exact). So what did I do on the first drive of freedom?! Firstly, I drove my parents to the Achintee Inn at the foot of Ben Nevis for a congratulatory cup of tea and slice of pie. Secondly, I took my camera and drove to … Read more

[PHOTOS] Storm & Sunset in Fort William, Lochaber

Sunset Fort Wiliam

Horizontal rain. Gail force winds. Nearly being blown off the pavement walking to work. Waterproofed clothing head to toe (only making you more prone to being airborne during high gusts of wind). Winning or losing bets on whether there was going to be a power cut. Sound familiar? If you were in Fort William, or anywhere else along the West Coast of Scotland during the third week of May, then it should. For some it was a few days spent indoors with a cup of hot tea and a good book, watching from double paned windows while stairwells and waterfalls became synonymous. For others it was a day out to experience Mother Nature’s version of a good time. Here are … Read more